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Vacuum Embossing Machine


KONRAD HORNSCHUCH AG invented the vacuum embossing machine 15 years ago. Few people knew it until 2004 because the limit of patent. The vacuum embossed products have perfect grain, softness, high productivity and low cost, the most important point is that it turned over people’s logic of traditional embossing process, which solved many troublesome problems met during traditional embossing process, such as thickness-loss, material-hardening, low speed, fabric goes into material (especially for auto trim material) etc. The vacuum embossed products impressed anybody who saw it. Soon afterwards this technology came to Asia with the patent transfer from HORNSCHUCH to LG CHEMICAL and NANYA PLASTICS LTD., in 2004 there’s one engineer from NAN YA copied this machine and began to sell it after some modification, such as reducing the diameter to 460mm, so there’re two types of vacuum embossing unit, 480mm and 460mm. The former is original standard size. From 2008 to 2011, almost every artificial leather factory knows vacuum embossing machine, more than 90% PVC leather factory bought this machine, some of them have 5 such machine, and even more. At the same time, the customers from Turkey, India, Brazil etc began to buy this machine. There’re around 50 vacuum embossing machines out of China.


There’re more than 10 factories producing vacuum embossing machine in China mainland and Taiwan. It’s necessary to know some skills in order to choose the best machine.
1.     Check the quotation is from trading company or manufacturer. Vacuum embossing machine is new technology. It’s hard to give better service from trading company.
2.     See the running machine on site, which will help you understand this technology well.
3.     Talk with the technician and check whether he is trouble-shooter for vacuum embossing machine. The following question is quite useful:
A.    What if I cannot run the vacuum embossing machine fast?
B.    What if I cannot get the fine design of roll?
C.   What if I cannot install and uninstall the roll easily?
4.     Before making final decision, you should ask the supplier for a piece of rubber tube, which is key part of machine. Please test the rubber material in DOP liquid for 1.5h at the temperature of 140℃, and MEK liquid for 2h at the temperature of 100, if the rubber material doesn’t change any size and softness, then you can place your order. Otherwise, you’ll be driven crazy by the rubber tube deformation every few months.
5.     Collect 4-5 quotation from different suppliers, take out the highest and lowest price, the highest price maybe from trading company, the lowest price means bad quality, then 2-3 suppliers left.

Inline vacuum emboss for PVC leather coating line
Machineless vacuum embossing process for embossing line

Illustration of running vacuum embossing machine

Lab vacuum embossing machine
Vacuum embossing machine production line