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Embossing Roller

Embossing Roller Comparision

DifferenceSteel rollerSilicone rollernickle rollerCeramic roller
Circle precision ExcellentGoodBadExcellent
Pattern smoothExcellentGoodBadExcellent
Gloss-matte effectBadExcellentExcellentGood
Product speedExcellentBadGoodExcellent
Heating toleranceExcellentBadBad__
Temp difference3℃15℃10℃__
Deep grainGoodBadGoodExcellent
Application fieldPVC/PU leather,
plastic film, tissue etc.
PVC/PU leatherPVC/PU leather, plastic filmPVC/TPU/SEMI-PU leather/thermo plastic
Application scopeEmbossing machine, Calendering line etcEmbossing machine, laminating machineEmbossing machine, laminating machineParticular vacuum embossing system
Using life(Yard)>5000001-50000 PVC>200000>100000
Making procedureLaser engraving,etchingCopying master sampleCopying master sampleCopying master sample

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